Wishing On A Cuppa

The perfect pick-me-up; of course it’s Wish magazine and a cup of tea! I’ve seen many posts about Wish magazine and how it’s been received across the country, but I think what’s most important is that it’s something I want to re-read too. I’ve got favourite pages and bits that I like to go over, just because, well, it’s too well thought out to only read once! And that’s not even mentioning the photos, I particularly loved the stationery piece as I am a huge sucker for anything cute that relates to studying! Sometimes I get daydream-y and a lot of that whimsical thought is encapsulated in Wish magazine. So if you’re a bit of a dreamer yourself, you can order your own wish-full copy here, they’re only £5!

This is also my first attempt at the milk braid plait, and I think my hair is a bit too thick/heavy! I should probably also book in a haircut soon…my tips are a bit worse for wear, ooops. I’ll need a bit of practice, but it’s such a handy hairdo!

Top – Zara, Rings – Topshop


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