Winter Hat

For anyone that might have noticed, it’s been quite a few days since my last post and unfortunately there’s no surprise jetsetting excuse; I was a little inundated with deadlines and a mildly interesting social life for the past week and a half, and that’s about it

But anyway, here I am! With my favourite winter hat. I bought this from Topshop two years ago but wasn’t quite confident enough to wear it the first time round. But since last winter I’ve wondered how I’ve carried my head through the cold without it! Here are also a few more of my ASOS Fashion Finder competition winning ‘haul’! The jumper is my favourite style and colour at the moment, and super snug with a shirt underneath, paired with some very shiny flat Chelsea boots. I almost didn’t feel the cold in this outfit, despite the legs on show!

I also got something new this week that if you haven’t already noticed, you will by the last photo (it’s an attempt at winking if you were unsure what face I was pulling) and that is a nose ring, and from what I’ve gathered before and since, a nose ring is quite divisive! I don’t expect most people to like it because I do think it’s quite a change for my face, but while I’m young and fancy something new I may as well, and I can always take it out and it will close up like I never even had it pierced! I hope you like it, but if you don’t, that’s okay too! I’m still me, just with a bit more metal than usual!  xx

Jumper  – (Mango on) ASOS, Shirt – Vintage, Skirt – H&M (last winter) Hat – Topshop, Socks – Topshop, Oversized Velvet Bow – ASOS, Boots – ASOS

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