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I tend to get quite optimistic about wearing a summery outfit on a not-so-summery day, and this Urban Outfitters ensemble was worn on exactly one of those days. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who wears their new clothes the second they receive them! Those of you who follow me on Instagram might know I missed getting caught out in the rain by seconds, not exactly the wisest outfit choice I’ve ever made (you can say that again). Now, on to the outfit… The ever so sweet Katy from Urban Outfitters got in touch a few weeks ago to tell me about the super exciting Festival campaign UO have just launched (have a peek now if you haven’t already!), and generously let me pick a handful of items to show the kind of gear I’d have in mind for a festival.

The Birkenstocks definitely aren’t made for a rainy day trawling through mud to see your favourite acts, but the super comfortable red check trousers with the crop top have me thinking I’m more of a Coachella girl than I thought (hey, maybe next year?). Even though I would’ve politely told anyone “Birkenstocks are so not me’ 6 months ago, I’ve been won over very slowly this year, and can’t wait to wear them as often as I can in summer. The red check trousers are by far the standout piece for me; red is my all-time favourite colour and their slouchy feel, plus the elasticated waistband (which is important for food-related reasons) and the tapered legs make me feel as if I’m wearing the smartest pair of pyjama bottoms ever! Stay tuned for another Urban Outfitters ensemble on here soon : ) x

P.S. If you’re yet to commit to a festival, Urban Outfitters have some amazing prizes as part of their campaign’s competition- take a look here to enter!

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