Un Espresso, Per Favore

It isn’t often that I step out not wearing a single item of black clothing, and what better place to show off my brightest and lightest (and a few new purchases..) than in the super sunny Italy! I’m staying in a little village north of Verona, but there’s still plenty to do and plenty of beautiful mountain views… Just the other day we had a picnic on a mountain; it isn’t often you get to say that! And while I’ve been a lover of coffee long before I started working at Costa when I turned 16, I’m only just starting to appreciate the simplicity of an espresso. It’s also far too hot to have any hot drink bigger than that! At home I drink something similar, an Arabic version of an espresso, so it feels quite nice to enjoy drinking an espresso while out and about too. Of course, the best combination I’ve found so far is an espresso followed a little later by the biggest scoops of gelato; it’s a matter I think necessary when it’s so warm! Unfortunately I’ve yet to find a Nutella-based gelato, but I’m having the next best thing by mixing scoops of hazelnut, chocolate, and cookies. Mmmm, I think it’s time for my daily gelato dose now… x

Hat & Skirt – OVS (Italian), Top – eBay, Sunglasses – ASOS, Suede Clogs – Free People, Lipstick – Topshop

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