Toughen Up

Peeking over the last few posts of mine, I surprised myself by how feminine and delicate my outfit choices were becoming and decided it was time to ‘toughen up’. Well, not really. I can still wear this leather trousers, tough boots & rucksack combo knowing full well that I’m a girl that cries-and often weeps- at films, adverts, music… Pretty much anything and definitely most things. And I celebrate my easy-tears as a good thing! I remember an interview with Zooey Deschanel a few years ago where she talks about how people wrongly associate tears and sensitivity with weakness. My most feminine outfits shouldn’t display a fragility that is often associated with women (damsel in distress comes to mind!); it doesn’t mean I’m not a hard nut too! It’s just that, as the slogan on my tee shows, while I wouldn’t say no to a battle, I’d much rather kill you with kindness and not with a metaphorical -or worse, literal- punch in the face. It’s nice to be nice!

P.S. I’m enlisting recruits for my ‘army of lovers’ and the only requirement is (you guessed it) that you love something; whether it’s Nutella, your laptop, or a real human being… An army of lovers sounds pretty nice if you ask me! x

Denim Jacket – H&M, ‘Army of Lovers’ Tee – Zoe Karssen via ASOS, Trousers – ZARA, Rucksack – Italy, Boots – Topshop (similar) via The Little Deer, Lips – MAC in ‘Dubonnet’

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