Toni & Guy: Cool Defining Cream

Now, this might be the easiest review I’ll ever write (and my very first one!), because it’s not often that I think a hair product ‘just works’. But this cool defining cream honestly does. Before I even announced that I was collaborating with the amazing Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe team, I went for dinner with them and got the chance to receive some styling tips all about this little badboy of a cream. And now it’s part of my everyday routine: a walnut-sized portion to run through all of my hair after brushing, it slots in just perfectly! And the result is (hopefully) clear below; ridiculously smooth hair that actually stays straight. To someone with thick frizz-prone hair that is naturally crazily wavy, it’s a bit of a godsend. I’m more used to my hair resembling an attempt at straightening, prompting people to ask me if I ever have my hair straight, when that was precisely the look I was going for…! x

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