The Railway Children

Hello 2013! As this is my first post of the new year, I wish you a belated happy new year! I spent mine at Daryl’s parents house, enjoying very nice tasting Nespresso coffee, dreaming of owning my own machine so I can have nice coffee at home, and eating lots of bread and pizza and pasta! Yesterday, while the sun was still out and shining, we walked a little way up past their back garden to the railway tracks, and I just wish I could’ve snapped all the sheep that we could see from there, but very tall trees made that quite difficult! The denim shirt is a Christmas present, a super soft denim and as I haven’t got a denim shirt already – surprise surprise – it makes a really handy addition to my wardrobe. I’ve got a thing for trousers at the moment, I have my eyes on a Topshop jumpsuit that I’m hoping to get my hands on soon, and while the shoes weren’t so great for all the mud about, the cropped trousers and ballet flats look reminds me distinctly of Audrey Hepburn, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a look a lot of ladies love to emulate.

Being back home for Christmas hasn’t been quite as relaxing as I would have liked; I have 12,000 words due for next week and I’ve only just stopped working at a coffee shop in town, so it’s crunch time for me now! The only thing missing from this outfit was a vintage suitcase and a heavy dose of wanderlust, and as I visited Amsterdam so long ago last year in March, I’m certainly building up some wanderlust for this year already! xx

Studded Denim Shirt – Forever 21, Skinny Crop Trousers – ASOS, Patent Ballet Flats – ASOS, Coat – Italy, iPhone case – Amazon

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