Hyde Parka Boden ICONS Full Look

Boden ICONS Details

Boden Leopard Bag Boden Hyde Parka Outdoors Hood

Boden ICONS Vintage Phone

Boden ICONS 60s 5ive ICONS

Outfit: Parka, Blouse, Trousers, Clutch, Shoes

I could have believed I’d stepped in to a time machine back to the ’60s when Carrie’s flat was given a makeover a few weeks ago. Alas, no such time machine existed (but I was half asleep on a t0o-early Saturday morning) because this was all for the new Boden ICONS collection, which launches today! It’s a 17-piece capsule wardrobe inspired by British style, so there’s plenty to feast your eyes on.

I teamed the Soho Blouse and the Hyde Parka in one outfit, even though it’s a somewhat unlikely pairing. And they couldn’t be more opposite; the parka is possibly the warmest thing I’ve ever worn and feels like a virtual hug the second I slide my arms through. On the other hand, the blouse is pretty *ahem* cheeky when worn like I did: see-through silk with the most delicate pussybow tie *swoon*.

And you’ll see from Carrie, Kristabel, Liv & Lucy‘s outfits that the collection is quite eclectic and varied! The best thing about our group shots is seeing just how different one collection can be worn by one group of friends. I hope you enjoy all of our snaps as much as we enjoyed shooting! x

Boden Blouse Boden ICONS Soho Blouse Boden ICONS Outdoor Look Boden ICONS Parka Outdoors

Boden 60s Vintage Cameras

Boden ICONS Home 5ive Icons Outdoors Boden Close up Soho Blouse Hyde Parka Details

Boden 60s Indoor Shoot

Boden Soho Blouse Boden Hyde Parka Outside

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