T-shirt Policy

It might (read: definitely) be because my parents are from the Middle East, that whenever I spot something even slightly Arabic in nature, I’m pretty sure it’s my duty to own it (I didn’t say it made sense..). So hearing from The T-Shirt Policy and their, yep, t-shirts, this one had me at ‘Parfum d’Arabie’! While it isn’t quite t-shirt weather, and won’t be for a good few months, I’m telling myself this is justified because everyone needs to wear something interesting under all those layers, especially if you’re heading out to somewhere warm!

Speaking of warmth, my love/hate relationship with beanies is well and truly on the love side! I invested in a black beanie recently which has me feeling a little bit ‘urban’ (dare I say, cool?) but I’m not quite as confident with that one yet! For now I’ll leave it to my trusty burgundy beanie and cat mittens to get me through the cold! x

and what I wore:


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