Swing Swing Swing


It’s been a while since I last decided to match what I’m wearing to my surroundings, but when I stumbled across this place in Shoreditch it seemed like the best place to showcase my new swing dress! In a very seasonal forest green colour, and with ample space underneath to eat to my hearts content (a very important feature), I’m more than a little bit in love with it! And if you’ve spotted a hand-on-hat trend here, it’s because I very wisely chose to don my favourite black hat on what was possibly the windiest day ever- I had more than a few mini heart attacks thinking I might have to run down the street after a flying hat!

I’m also sharing a couple recent creative additions to my bag; a brand new customised Brit-Stitch card holder and a phone case from caseable with my blog design on it! It’s quite special to know you own something that no one else is likely to own, and with Christmas along the way you might be feeling inspired enough to get designing your own phone case for someone! x

Coat – Persunmall, Dress – c/o inlovewithfashion, Boots – Topshop, Bag – H&M, Phone case – c/o caseable, Hat – Zara


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