Summertime Smart

Something special happens when you discover a place you’ve always walked past and never noticed; it feels like it surely couldn’t have always been there! This is how I felt when I walked past this church near the centre of town. The old stone and the beautiful intricate detailing of it made me feel quite ashamed that I’d never stopped to look and appreciate it. Old buildings have a warm feel about them, but it’s best when they aren’t transformed into offices or something a galaxy away from their original use.  And I always get a pang of guilt whenever I see an old neglected building; maybe it’s my love of history that’s made me this way…!

Anyway, I wanted to take my new glasses out for a spin and I guess I was a little inspired by their “geek chic” aesthetic! A white silky shirt and leather shorts to me is one of the best (and easiest) ways to look “smart” in the summer; there’s a lot of leg on show but covering up on top means there’s some sort of balance. It makes a change from the usual flowery ensemble (hint hint: my previous super-sweet post) and I’m a sucker for a nice tailored outfit, especially if that includes leather shorts! x

Trench Jacket – Barbour (similar), Shirt – Vintage, Leather Shorts – Dahlia (last year), Shoes – Zara (sale), Bag – H&M (AW’12)

Here’s my outfit (the closest thing) in shops/online now:

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