Summer Trousers

I had originally tucked my top in to my trousers when I left the house (you might have seen a little Instavid of that!) but upon sitting down for a coffee & cake with my mum decided, well, I’d like some tummy coverage… Hey, if a girl wants to eat cake, she’ll eat cake!

Trousers aren’t exactly the first thing that come to mind on a blisteringly hot summer’s day, but with as summery a print as this pair from H&M is, I felt quite content to be stepping out in these! The top was an impulse buy from the day before… I found myself not liking anything I was trying on in the changing rooms in Topshop -do you ever just think you’re having a bad try-on-clothes day?- but when my friend suggested wearing this in case it made the trousers I was trying on look better, I fell for the floatyness of the top and the chiffon-y texture (they have a bunch of different colours too, perfect for A/W). And hey presto, they went perfectly with these trousers that I already owned! I’ve been meaning to wear them ever since I bought them all the way back in Italy, but couldn’t justify trousers in summer without a very summery top (read: not-much-material kind of top). I do think I went a little cream overboard with the clogs and shoes though… Hands up for over-co-ordination?! x

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Cami – Topshop, Trousers – H&M, Clogs – Free People, Bag – Vintage (via Beyond Retro

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