Smarty Pants

So guess what? My hair is too big for a ‘one size fits all’ hat! I had my suspicions, and it’s been sadly confirmed with what is now my third hat that doesn’t quite fit my head – any failsafe ways to keep a hat on a girl’s big head? Let me know!

That aside, I super love this outfit, every piece seems to slot together nicely with the rest like a pretty little jigsaw puzzle. My blouse is a vintage number I purchased from the beautiful Olivia (What Olivia Did) and I wore it as soon as I opened it; it’s the go-to oversized blouse that I’ve been looking for. Having to think practically about heading on to campus every week, I think it goes without saying that a pair of jeans is a must. These are getting pretty worn out, but I dread jeans shopping as I’m just a bit awkward on sizing – my legs fit fine but my waist is always a little on the small side. I’ll have to face my fears soon though, this pair from two years ago now (!) are seriously starting to lose their ‘black denim’ look! And maroon socks change the otherwise plain colour palette going on, and are such a popular pair that I’m sure you’ll know someone who is as in love with their pair as I am! (subtle The xx Angels lyric influence here, high five if you spotted it) xx

Jacket – Mums’, Blouse – Olivia, Jeans – Brighton Boutique, Bag – Beyond Retro, Shoes and socks – Topshop

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