Shades Of Red

Top – Mango via ASOS, Skirt – c/o Blackfive, Bag – c/o Nica Handbags, Boots – c/o Clarks, Céline Sunglasses – c/o Smartbuy Sunglasses, Coat – c/o Next

If you saw my over-excited declaration of love for this outfit yesterday, I hope you agree with me now! It’s been a while since I’ve put together an outfit that I’m so happy with it’s worth blowing my own trumpet, but this one deserves it. And for me, it isn’t hard to see why; shades of red (my favourite colour, obvs) with a cream turtleneck and black pleated skirt, topped with the warmest faux fur leopard print coat. If you know me even a little bit you’ll know that combination is a guaranteed winner in my book!

The burgundy boots are from Clarks as part of the latest Take10 Challenge, and I’m honestly so happy with how comfortable they are despite the heel on them. And even though October is fast approaching, there’s still enough sun in the sky for a matching pair of sunglasses to be very necessary (I’m definitely attempting cool-wintery-woman-in-shades-chic here). Having revisited these photos I’m now sat here in my dressing gown planning the next time I can wear this get-up! x

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