Presents & Chocolates

How long can I grasp on to the fact that it was my birthday? Well, this is the last shred of birthday-related topics, and that’s a promise (boo!). I wanted to share a few of the presents I received for my 21st, and realised as I was thinking about what to show you that there wasn’t a lot that didn’t involve animals or clothing! I’ve omitted a super-charged owl and deer display of birthday cards and a burgundy owl candle to name a few!

I guess the thing that is most exciting about these photos (wooden owl aside, but he knows he’s my fave) is that I have a brand new MacBook Pro. No more will I have to endure the painstakingly slow liability that was my old laptop, crashing everytime it felt like it – I think it was getting too old for this world.

It’s been over a week since my birthday, and I’m slowly getting used to thinking I’m 21.  The chocolates on my desk are making the first semester of my final year go by pretty smoothly so far though! I told my mum I’d share them around with my flatmates but after a few days in the living room I’ve snuck them back here next to me..ssssshh. If you’ve started a new year at school/college/university yourself I urge you to stock a similar level of chocolates by you, it makes work all the more rewarding! (even if said work only lasts 10 still counts)

Do you have a favourite from this little selection of presents? xx

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