Pink & White

What’s soft, sweet, and pink and white all over? Well me silly! ; ). Looking like an oversized marshmallow isn’t a regular occurrence in my wardrobe, especially not in the middle of winter. But, I couldn’t think of a better pairing than white denim and a fluffy pink jumper, even if I did have to slide my coat back on shortly (read: immediately) after taking these photos!

Plus it was the perfect opportunity to let my new Olivia Burton watch take centre stage. I tweeted my appreciation about Olivia Burton several weeks ago, and couldn’t believe my luck when I received the kindest email from them! Since then, I haven’t stopped thinking ‘what can I wear to go with my new watch’ and if that means I look like an edible sweet treat, then so bet it! Plus, white denim might not be all the rage on a cold winters day, but let’s call it being ‘ahead of the crowd’ because I’m sure this pair will be a firm wardrobe favourite in a few months time! x

Jumper – c/o inlovewithfashion, Jeans – ASOS, Bag – Brit-Stitch (on sale!), Watch – c/o Olivia Burton, Shoes – Zara 

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