Pink & White ♥

I’m definitely a shoes kinda girl-accessories and jewellery don’t have me swooning the way a beautiful pair of shoes do. So you might have noticed from my Instagram photos last week that I have a new pair, mainly because I haven’t stopped wearing them- very un-cool of me considering three of my latest snaps feature these pointy white badboys, oopsie! I picked this pair up in a very upmarket second-hand shop in Dublin last weekend, and for an almost-new pair of Zara heels it was practically free (which totally justifies my purchase).

And unusually for me I’ve been pairing them with a lot of pink, and liking it. It’s only after I stepped outside that I realised just how bright this pink skirt is, and the way it’s cut makes me want to swish around (as you’ve seen above) all day long! It might sound strange describing a skirt as ‘fun’ but this skirt is really fun to wear (I don’t get any points for accurate clothes reviews, I know). I’m also currently in an ultra-girly phase of dressing, so I know these shoes will be making their way through my wardrobe. Plus, if you caught a few of my latest purchases, you’ll know to expect a four-legged animal on here soon too! Watch this (deer-shaped) space ; ) x

Shirt – ASOS, Skirt – ASOS (Similar), Bag – Britstitch, Shoes – Zara, Watch – Olivia Burton 

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