Pastel Pink & Busted Knees

I’m not one to claim cool points for how I dress- it’s my style, and it usually isn’t something everyone else would replicate (my sister often likes to tell me just how much she wouldn’t ever wear some of my more ‘cute overload’ outfits). But, something about a pair of ripped jeans just oozes effortless cool to me, and I was sucked in so much by this ASOS pair that last week I bought the exact same style in black; talk about easily influenced!

Even though the jeans have a tough look about them, I wore them with my much-loved Zara shoes, a pastel pink jumper (also Zara, o how I love thee) and an appropriately pink background ; ). With all that pink, I think I made them look kind of casual-meets-cute-meets-tough; a perfectly simple weekend outfit! x

Jumper & Shoes – Zara, Jeans – ASOS

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