Paris, Je T’aime ♥

I’ve always held Paris in the most romantic regard, and last weekend’s visit has only further cemented that. The last time I visited was a Year 10 trip to Disneyland (educational I know), which only included a whirlwind afternoon in the actual city, so this has been a long time coming! It was all the more sweeter spending it with Carrie, who was as happy as I was to amble around aimlessly, snapping photos and eating all the French delicacies (read: cheese) we could get our hands on…

It was hard not to stop every second to take a photo, because everything was just so beautiful. And if you’re a fan of the indie cult Amelie, you might recognise the menu below; we had lunch at Cafe des Deux Moulins, Amelie’s workplace in the film! The rest of our day was spent ambling through Montmartre, past the Moulin Rouge, and back to our very location-friendly hotel on Rue de Rivoli; close to the Louvre and Notre Dame. Finishing the day with a picnic in bed was the perfect ending to day one!

P.S. I may have only given a slight nod to French dressing with my black turtleneck, but stay tuned for quite the French cliche in day two’s outfit ; ) x

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