New Vintage

Skirt – American Apparel (vintage),  Scalloped Shirt – ASOS, Tights – ASOS, Bag & Shoes – Vintage 

Whenever I buy something vintage, it never quite feels “brand new” because just the idea of a pre-worn item can sometimes make something feel less special. But I think the plus side always trumps; the fact that what you’re wearing won’t be worn by anyone else, ever, avoiding the awkward – which has definitely happened to me – moment where you see someone you know wearing something you’re also wearing…

The knowledge that something you’re wearing is a one-off, not-in-shops piece definitely overcomes the feeling I sometimes get in vintage/charity shops that make me think twice! This skirt is from American Apparel, of all places! I’ve never really perused their vintage section, online or in store, but I picked this up at the outlet store in Brick Lane (it ends today!) and I found myself squishing myself in because it ticks all of the autumn boxes: wool, high-waist, pockets, autumn-leaf-colour-ish, and for only £10, it really would be rude not to. Today was also a surprisingly sunny day, so I made the most of it and dragged my flatmate in for a pre-grocery shopping happy snap! xx

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