New Shoes, Ponyskin Dreams

Something inside me changes a little whenever I see animal print, especially on shoes, when it gets all the better with ponyskin! It’s just a print that I am endlessly drawn to. I’ve been searching for a pair of boots for so long, that when I stumbled across an eBay auction, with a few minutes to go and a very reasonable price for a pair originally from Topshop, nothing could stop me! These were originally £95 in store, which I wouldn’t really spend the money on, and for my £20 eBay “win” I think they’re more than worth it! I’m so excited to wear these, that I haven’t quite thought any occasion so far has been worthy…but my birthday is next month, and for my 21st, I think the occasion is more than worthy! Thank you eBay, for feeding my tireless obsession when the high street shops just don’t cut it!


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