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Until a week ago, I hadn’t had an eye test in almost two and a half years, and with the inevitable overuse of my laptop during my final months of university (and let’s face it, general internet/ twitter/ pinterest/ tumblr/ facebook/ shopping websites etc usage) my eyes have felt a little neglected and overworked. So you can imagine my delight when I was contacted by My Optique to review their online layout and process for ordering glasses online. I was over the moon! You may have your qualms about ordering something so personal online, but I can assure you that My Optique made it very simple. It was even fun! Their “Style Finder” allows you to filter their range of women’s designer glasses to suit your skin tone, hair colour, and face shape, which brought me to a pair of very Jess-from-New-Girl-esque glasses, and I can’t complain about that! The online process was super simple, and when it came to inputting my prescription details I ended up having far less information than the layout online suggested I might need. Each pair has a specific person responsible that prepares it, so sorting an issue once your glasses are delivered is very easy too. I’m really happy with this new pair, even if most of these photos suggest I’m a moody so and so (I think I look weird with red lips and a toothy smile so it was a lips-clasped-shut option only!).

This particular pair is called Soho, by London Retro. It was fairly high up in the Style Finder’s most popular glasses for my skin tone, hair colour, and face shape. It’s not a pair I’d usually pick up in an opticians either, as the lens is bigger, but I guess that’s part of the online Style Finder doing its job! In keeping with Jess from New Girl, I put the glasses with two things I own that I proudly refer to as my “Jess” items; my heart-shaped bag from H&M and my red bunny iPhone cover! I’ve seen both repeatedly on the show and for a very silly girl-crush reason I love that I own things that Zooey Deschanel’s fictional character does too. Hooray for girl crushes and geeky glasses! And mine are real prescription ones too so I think I get away with it.. x

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