New Dress Lovin’

If you’ve read this blog from its’ (short) and very humble beginning this summer, you’ll have spotted Sugarhill Boutique often; in fact just my latest post included a blouse from last winter…you catch my drift. I’m a big fan.

So you can imagine – or try to picture! -the happiness and width of my smile when I was fortunate enough to receive this beautiful dress from Sugarhill Boutique last week, with a sweet note handwritten by Natalie who works there. As any girl with a new dress would, I grabbed the first opportunity I could to wear this out, and it just so happened to be a beautifully crisp day in Brighton, shopping with Daryl for my advent calendar – and if you have me on instagram, you’ll have seen what’s inside that Hotel Chocolat bag…

I’ve kept the note as a memory of my ‘first’ surprise gift and I’m so pleased it’s from a brand I truly care about! As for the coat – it’s a present from two Christmases ago and it couldn’t be more perfectly cosy for this time of year, I plan to wear it a lot more as up until this autumn I’ve not quite plucked the courage to wear such a bear-like fur in the daytime.. I wonder if you are the same about a fur coat? Or maybe it’s just me being shy…! x

Coat – ZARA (old), Dress – Sugarhill Boutique, Bag – eBay

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