Monochrome & Winter Pastels

What I Wore: Jacket – c/o Blackfive, Shirt- ASOS, Skirt – Noisy May via ASOS, Bag – c/o Blackfive, Socks – c/o Barbour, Boots – ASOS, Gail’s Bakery – c/o myself to myself ; )

This outfit was very close to being ‘just another monochrome look’ (I’m not hating on black & white, but I’ve been overusing thode shades a lot recently) until I spotted the latest accessory hidden among a pile of clothing. Winter pastels are definitely ‘a thing’ but I’ve been a little hesitant to properly dabble in it without looking like an overgrown marshmallow (see recent Instagram photo), which is why subtle hints to it in the form of this crescent-shaped bag are right up my street! It’s a simple touch but it made me really love this ensemble; something about the lilac bag makes the look a little less smart and a lot more playful.

And someone definitely agreed because halfway through shooting these photos I was stopped by a special blue & brown-eyed Persian cat called Hakim! His owner told me he’s signed up to a prestigious cat modelling agency, and I completely understood why. He was so friendly he even perched up with me when I sat on the brick wall for photos – it took me by surprise that’s for sure! Though, it might have also had something to do with the little Gail’s Bakery treat I’d just bought myself ; ) x

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