Missguided Maxi: Daytime

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Wearing a maxi dress isn’t in my favourite items-to-wear section usually, mostly because I struggle to find one that’s casual enough for daytime, or one that’s glam for an evening out. But, Missguided recently asked me to style up the same maxi dress for both day and night, and I thought taking the challenge might help me face my demons! Because I’m a sucker for anything with a low back, I picked out the most simple(ish) of dresses; the strappy style of the back is what makes it, but being able to throw on a bomber on top hides over-fleshing (made up a word) in the daytime, so I didn’t feel too ‘nude’ in daylight!

And obviously, I chose to match the pink in the jacket to the pink sandals. The chunky heel is necessary for any extra-long maxi dresses like this one, and after shooting this outfit I was almost won over by maxi dresses…wearing the same dress for an evening look was what sealed the deal for me, I’ll be posting a more ‘sultry’ maxi dress next! x

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