Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water

A short walk from my house in Brighton is this pretty little secret; a stone-cobbled path surrounding waterfalls and memorial benches, with this footbridge as the ‘main attraction’! It looks like something more suited to a Jurassic-park-like time, and it’s so peaceful just to walk around in, almost as if you can take a whole breather from ‘the outside world’ when you’re in here, something I can definitely see being a regular occurrence in my final year of study!

A few years ago you would have caught me declaring quite confidently how you would never, ever, catch me wearing anything velvet. Fast forward to today and ta-da! This is my second item of velvet in my wardrobe and I’m quite pleased that I now embrace this material. I do (like with most new things) feel a slight obsession coming along…I’m in love with a crop top and trouser velvet set from Motel and on the lookout for a Christmas/New Years dress, a burgundy velvet Goldie dress is a firm favourite, and while I might need to reign myself in, as far as obsessions go I’m thoroughly enjoying this new one! x

Coat – Debenhams, Shirt – Vintage, Shorts – Topshop, Tights – ASOS, Patent Ballet Flats – ASOS

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