Lavender Fields

Nearby, in Carshalton, lie three acres of lavender that are maintained and managed by volunteers throughout the year, who open the fields to the public for harvesting in July. It was once “the lavender capital of the world”, and if you ever have the chance to visit, I think you can understand why. There’s something very peaceful about the fields, despite the large numbers of visitors it attracts, especially on such warm days.

Speaking about the heat – I wore the lightest, airiest dress I had, from Topshop, which I’m pretty sure was originally meant as a beach cover-up, but hey, the weather called for it! My headband is from LouLou Loves You and if you do anything after peeking at these photos it must be to have a look at her website; the prettiest, handmade floral headbands I’ve ever seen.

I’m sure there are lots of lavender fields scattered in different parts of the country, and if you know of one, I hope this has made you want to check it out! I couldn’t think of anything nicer to do than this, I just wish I could have spent all day there amidst the lavender, sipping coffee from their café and buying all of their lavender scented wonders! xx

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