Ice Cream Inspiration

I’ve long thought the pastel look would never suit me, my skin tone and dark hair/eyes always made me think the fair hues would look way too odd and I’d stick out like a sore thumb. But it isn’t enough for me to swoon over the craze in shops and not take the plunge myself, so, here it is, in full force! As soon as I got dressed my sister told me I looked just like ice cream, “so cute”. While that wasn’t my initial aim, the photos definitely reinforce this. Maybe I’m some kind of 99p strawberry ice cream cone, with chocolate sauce on top and a minty bubblegum end?

It isn’t exactly the best palette to go wandering in damp grassy woodland, but at least the white brogues and pink top – both from yesterday’s shopping! – finally made my mint socks feel at home. My lipstick is a Rimmel Nude shade, the shorts are from Monki, top from Zara, shoes and socks from Topshop. The windy afternoon might not have been the best time to walk around looking like an ice cream, but hey, I do live in England after all, the land of split second rain and sun! : )

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