I ♥ Unicorns

Not very long ago any colour brighter than a muted grey, salmon pink, or beige (ahem, some aren’t really even colours) would not be found in my wardrobe. As this outfit shows however, I’ve come a very long way from that! There’s something about a bright pop of colour that seems to enhance any outfit, and I’ve watched in admiration online and in shops at just how daringly bright some pieces of clothing are. While I’m not sold on the neon craze, and don’t think I will be, bright colours are fast-tracking to my heart, especially when they’re in my favourite colour! Taking the plunge in a duo of bright red seemed to be the best way to introduce my hopefully long-lasting relationship with bright colours.

Owning such a bright pair of shoes is made even more special by the fact that they are by Russell & Bromley, a long-coveted brand that has me swooning at every glance. Even better, they are super comfortable, as my afternoon spent trawling the shops in them proved! My Brat & Suzie vest top has fast become my favourite throw-on top; the material is super soft and it’s got my favourite mystical creature on it, why a unicorn of course! I know I know, if only they were real… At least I get to wear one on my top and play pretend! xx

Denim Jacket – H&M, Unicorn Top – Brat & Suzie, Skirt – ASOS, Bag – Urban Outfitters, Shoes – Russell & Bromley, Bracelet – Urban Outfitters

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