I ♥ Coffee

For fear of sounding like a broken record, I won’t mention again how much I love polka dots. All I’ll say is that the colour of the skirt is a super-summery peach. Ahem ; ). Skirt aside, nothing gets me up in the morning like the thought of a hot coffee -in fact, at any time of the day a coffee and cake is on my mind! When I saw this t-shirt in Zara while I was in Italy last month it made all the sense in the world for me to buy it. I just wish that under ‘Pancakes’ was the word ‘Nutella’, then it would have been perfect!

Wandering around London with a friend, especially a blogger (Carrie) means stumbling upon a quiet alleyway just a few feet away from the tourist hustle and bustle of Covent Garden on a sunny Saturday. If that isn’t the icing on an already lovely day, I don’t know what is! You can even spot a toothy smile below; I was that happy. x

Top – ZARA, Skirt – ZARA, Shoes – ASOS, Bag – H&M, Lipstick – Topshop 

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