Maybe because Christmas to me is all about being at home, in comfort and in the (often hectic) presence of family, I thought I’d show a little corner of my room and the things that make me happiest when I’m at home. From ‘collecting’ teapots (anything with an animal on please send my way) through to a print depicting Greek goddesses by Cardboard Cities, there’s certainly a mix of interests! For my birthday this year I was also sent my first batch of ‘Dearest Deer’ cupcakes from a new (and very tasty) venture by Baking Power. If you like the look of these, have a peek at their website and give them a call; the cupcakes were the nicest I’ve ever had, and that has nothing to do with my blog logo being the toppers…!

Even though Ikea is most probably everyone’s favourite furniture place, you might think a little differently if you liked the look of my lamp in the first picture; there really is a lot on offer  from Out There Interiors! And while I had planned to snap my Christmas jumper while out and about, the stormy weather hasn’t been so kind! But after wearing it a lot this weekend, it’s definitely the cosiest thing I own, in a super soft wool with a beautiful pattern.  You will have seen me in it on Instagram, and, if you fancy knowing how my cooking Christmas dinner for 14 people tomorrow turns out, I’d suggest you follow me over on there, too!

Lamp – c/o Out There Interiors, Jumper – c/o Jumperfabriken, Art Print – Cardboard Cities, Cupcakes – Baking Power 

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