Hold On To Your Hat

It might not look so picturesque to you, but the minute I stepped out of Bethnal Green station I spotted this pretty little street to take photos on; a street I probably would never have looked at twice if I was simply walking to my destination! It’s when I do things like this that I remember I’m a blogger, which sounds like a very silly thing to say…

It can seem weird to spot places like this simply to take photos in front of, but it’s something I’ve got very used to doing (and enjoying). It’s even easier to do when I’m head over heels for the items I’m wearing – from the never-worn old season Topshop dress I found on eBay, to the new Zara hat and shoes that match perfectly; I’d prance around taking photos practically anywhere in this get up! x

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Dress – Topshop, Hat – Zara (still in some shops!), Shoes – Zara, Bag – Brit-Stitch, Lips – Topshop , Watch – Tommy Hilfiger 

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