Hello World!

So…my first post! Hopefully I’ll get better with time, there isn’t much of a nice backdrop in my back garden but it’s the best I could do. I’m also introducing a few soon-to-be regular faces of any garden posts: the two friendly happy gnomes that have been there longer than I have, and the beautiful bengal cat that (seems to) visit our garden much more than she visits her own! A pretty simple outfit, vintage Lee jeans and a charity shop top, with trusty brogues from a trusty boutique in Brighton. The squirt of colour is MAC’s lipstick, in “So Chaud”. Anyway, I hope to have pretty regular posts of days out and about as well as constant outfit posts. Hope you like what you see!

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1 comment to Hello World!

  • Hi! I love your first blog, it’s way better than mine. I started my blog only yesterday, and it seems so rubbish compared to this. still, one can but try…

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