If you’re living in England and have been blessed with the current weather, you’ll know that dressing for it needs to be thought out. Issues ranging from sweat patches, a deceptively warm thin material, and sticky hair are my most frequent problems. The best way to enjoy the beautiful weather is if you’re feeling alright about being in it yourself! And having my hair up was the only way I could picture myself being out for long. I double wrapped a New Look floral headband so that it could fit round my bun, and opted for a super light Urban Outfitters Renewal dress. The tie-front reminds me of Nadinoo’s tie-front blouses and dresses, which if you haven’t perused yet, really should, there are some beautiful items!  The shoes are from Urban Outfitters too, and were in the sale, last size, at just £20. Can never say no to bargainous prices…!

I hope you’ve been able to enjoy the sunshine too, and while I’ll be at work tomorrow, at least it will still be shining when I come out!

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