Hampton Court

Hampton Court Palace! There isn’t much to say that I hope the photos don’t say themselves! A beautiful setting, and we were lucky enough to have gone on a sunny (but annoyingly windy) day. I’ve never been to Hampton Court, not inside anyway, and as I’ve long loved the history of the place, it was about time I finally visited! I loved the wall to ceiling paintings and just how regal every room was, from the gigantic windows and banisters to the chandeliers and assortment of guns hanging on the wall! It’s amazing to think the palace really did house those people hundreds of years ago.

We didn’t manage to cover the entire grounds in three hours, so if you fancy going – which I highly recommend!-, I think something more like five hours is more reasonable, especially if you want to go through the maze, which we sadly ran out of time for, but have promised to go back specifically for, very soon!

My dress was a full-length charity shop find that was shortened, and the bag is a charity shop number too. The denim jacket I bought from H&M (a much more reasonable price than other denims on the high street) and I snapped up these block heel brogues from a Topshop sale a few months ago.

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