Florals & Leather

It might not necessarily be on the top of everyone’s wishlist, but a pair of boots has been something I’ve wanted for the better part of this year. So I was pretty head-over-boots – ; ) – when DUO got in touch asking me to style a pair of their boots while out and about in London. Even though the sun was setting as we took these photos in Soho (because it’s easy to forget 3pm means it’s dark outside!) they’ve been shown all around town as I’ve not been able to stop wearing them since they first came in the post! If you saw my Instagram photo you’ll know I’m more than a little bit in love with them…

While it doesn’t quite have its signature laidback, minimalist style to it, my dress is from Monki and it’s one that has me feeling like I should be heading to a tea party with a few gal pals! I’ve been a fan of the brand for a long while now and what’s even better is seeing them over on ASOS (because an ASOS discount couldn’t be more impossible to resist)! I’m also wearing something I never do; a pair of earrings! But who could say no to two cute little dolphins on your ears, and teamed with my birth-month’s sapphire ring, I have a feeling I’ll be turning to understated jewellery a little more often! x

Dress – Monki, Boots – c/o DUO, Earrings & Ring – c/o Jewellery World, Bag – Beyond Retro

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