Five Year Fashion Flashback!

Sharing photos of myself from five years ago may come a little surprising to you, but after the lovely Fleur of got in touch asking me to celebrate their fifth birthday with a flashback to what I wore five years ago, I couldn’t resist! All of the photos above are from when I was 16 going on 17, except for the bottom two that were a little closer to 17 turning 18. I had a few favourite styles and clothes: parting my hair in two low ponytails; buying anything from Topshop; wearing leggings anywhere and everywhere; and finally, wearing a lot of grey (three photos in a small collage are testament to that!).

Looking back on photos can be really fun, if only to see how far you’ve come in five years! Maybe it’s because the past five years have been some of the most important in terms of growing up, that I think I’m very different from the girl wearing a yellow belt over her top (centre photo that’s you). But that’s the fun about style! And below are a few of my favourite outfits five years on; I certainly value blouses, dresses, shoes and a variety of colours much more than my 16 year old self did. And online shopping (read: ASOS) has turned into my new best friend  ; ) Now, I wonder what I’ll be wearing in five years’ time… x

If  you fancy doing your own “fashion flashback”, you’ll be entered into a VoucherCodes competition to win two Eurostar tickets to Paris! All you’ll need to do is send your blog post link to VoucherCodes (over twitter for example) and they’ll enter you in! 


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