Five Guys

My favourite type of fast food- and even takeaway!- is burger and chips. But the world of sloppy burgers was only recently opened to me, and Five Guys couldn’t be more ‘dirty’; it comes wrapped up in foil in a paper bag! This was one of my first encounters with burgers from across the pond, and my oh my I wasn’t disappointed. Burgers and chips have been a bit of a staple event whenever I’ve met up with Carrie, and I couldn’t be more grateful that she’s always suggesting a burger place for us to eat at! I remarked as soon as I took a bite that this was my favourite burger to date, and I’m not sure if it can be beaten. And the portion size for their chips is very American; I left a lot in the paper bag and I’m not one to ever even leave one chip on my plate – so that’s saying something!

You can see from the photos the factory-line resemblance in constructing the burgers, and every order is given a number that is then called out when it’s ready. It couldn’t feel more old-fashioned and I briefly forgot I was in Covent Garden…! There was a short wait in the queue when I went but I’m hoping it dies down over the next couple of months; I plan on heading back very soon!

You can find Five Guys on the corner at 1 Long Acre in Covent Garden, it’s impossible to miss! What’s your favourite place to eat out? x

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