#EtsyBloggerSleepover: Day 1

Etsy Brighton Sleepover Dearest Deer Brighton Bandstand Dearest Deer Brighton Outfit Brighton Etsy Craft Seller Etsy Brighton Crafts Dearest Deer Seafront Brighton Etsy Brighton Craft Sellers Dearest Deer Bandstand Outfit

What I Wore: Hat – ASOS, Jacket – Topshop, Top – American Apparel, Skirt – ASOS, Sandals – Vagabond, Bag – Jack Wills

It’s not everyday I get to spend 24 hours in my favourite English city (outside of London, of course!) with a bunch of my favourite human beings. That’s just what Natalie from Etsy UK had planned for us though, and boy was it jam-packed! The idea of the trip was to get to know the Brighton Etsy craft-seller-crew, in none other than the super-cool Lick Yogurt warehouse. Given my recent interest in exploring more ethical brands, it was an inspiring experience to meet craft sellers who loved what they did, set themselves up and made a living out of their passion.

We spent the first day lunching at Silo (they have an incredible zero-waste policy!) and spending the afternoon getting crafty with the sellers. From ‘drawing’ floral dresses, cooing over cute painted cats, to designing our own dinosaur jewellery, it was the most fun I’ve had whilst ‘working’! I also had the pleasure of feeling pretty special at dinner thanks to the chef at New Club (hiya Thomas!) who made me a unique vegan dish that he had clearly thought-through and put effort in.

I left the craft-shop that afternoon fully convinced of the importance of choosing independent labels over high street ones, having met the human beings behind the shops. I’ve popped a full list of all the craft sellers at the bottom of this post, and highly recommend you take a look at each one, if only to see the inspiring work they do- and you might just bag yourself a special gem for yourself too!

Etsy Brighton Lick Office Dearest Deer Brighton Seafront Outfit Dearest Deer Brighton Camel Outfit Outfit Details Designosaur Bracelet Etsy Brighton Sleepover Decor Fashion A Flower Dearest Deer Outfit Details ASOS American Apparel Dearest Deer Etsy Brighton SleepoverThe lovely craft sellers:

i like cats


Georgie St. Clair

In the making

Rock Cakes

Hello Dodo

oh someday

Cat-a-Cake Creations

B millinery


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