Dreaming: Summer Dresses


(1 – Miss Selfridge, 2 – Topshop, 3 – Temperley, 4 – Miss Selfridge, 5 – ASOS, 6 – Topshop, 7 – ASOS, 8 – Topshop)

Maxi and midi dresses have always been a type of clothing I haven’t been 100% sold on. I know it’s a girl’s best friend when it’s warm outside but you’re not keen on baring all in a pair of denim shorts, but I’ve never found one that I’ve instantly fallen for. Thinking that some of you might have the same problem, I had a root around for the ‘best of the bunch’!  I’ve long been a fan of Miss Selfridge’s swoon-inducing feminine dresses, and love the simplicity in Topshop’s selection of midi styles. And one thing I love about summer is wearing white! The number 7 pair of ASOS shoes above has been in my ‘Saved Items’ list for so long, but I can’t quite justify buying it until I start selling some clothes of mine I no longer wear. I also like finding different avenues that stock dresses not on the high street; Yes Style always catches my eye and maxi dresses from Bonprix would most likely leave you feeling a little more unique. But as my ASOS/high-street laden selection above shows, there’s nothing wrong with the ‘mainstream’ either! 

So after a not-so-deep hour of digging around, it turns out I am a fan of maxi/midi dresses. More than just a fan, I’m wondering what possessed me to make a wishlist about the one type of dress that I wasn’t sold on; the longer length is super dreamy! Now I’ll have to add a couple of the dresses from above on to my ‘dreaming’ list! Is there anything you’ve never quite been convinced to buy, and have you ever come around to love it? x


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8 comments to Dreaming: Summer Dresses

  • I totally feel you! I used to never find a maxi dress/skirt that I wanted to wear or really felt comfortable in, I wasn’t really a fan of them.. They looked so good on some people though so I never knew why I didn’t buy one! Only this summer have I become a convert :) I’m in love now. They’re really comfortable, and yeah they keep you cool when you don’t feel like wearing short-shorts haha. Just yesterday I bought a new gorgeous, flowy maxi from h&m that is waiting for a debut !
    The dresses you found are rather beautiful..I really like 3 and 4! and shoe #6 is super fun, cute and unique! great finds!

    • deareastdeer

      Ah, I’m so glad you agree! The trouble is getting it just floaty enough without feeling like you drown in it a bit…I bet your flowy number from H&M is just perfect! : ) Thank you xx

  • i have the exact same thing with those pair of shoes! they’ve been sitting in my saved items waiting for me to cave… as for things i’ve come around too, probably for me playsuits are the thing! i think i sort of avoided them because i just assumed they wouldn’t look good on me, but i ended up buying a cute one in a sale and it’s now my favourite thing to wear.

    • deareastdeer

      The shoes are perfect, it’s funny knowing someone else who’s also got them saved! I used to love playsuits, now I think they’re a bit too restricting..my conversion went the other way ; )

  • I came late to the maxi-dress party, but now I can’t get enough of them! This choices are all stunning as well! I’m drooling over that Freya ribbon dress, so dreamy.


  • same with me and maxi/midi dresses! although i still look like a numpety wearing them because I’m small! love your picks! <3

  • Leopard print! I really didn’t like it when it first came out, I thought it was tacky and chavy. But now I am obsessed!I would never wear a full on leopard print dress but I love little touches here and there like a leopard print bow in my hair and a matching clutch or shoes.

    Love those no.7 shoes!!

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