Disneyland Paris

What I Wore: Top – ASOS, Skirt – c/o Next, Shoes – c/o Next, Minnie Mouse Headband – ASOS (on sale!)

There’s a surprising amount of colour in these photos, but what can you expect from an outfit post all the way from Disneyland Paris; I had to dress for the occasion! You might have spotted the Minnie Mouse headband on ASOS back when the collection launched a few months ago and I’ve had this stored away just waiting for my trip to Paris. It only seemed right to compliment the headband with my favourite white off shoulder top from ASOS and a few new Next-shaped additions to my wardrobe- making sure I stick to my comfort zone of matching and similar colours (hey, I wore a bright orange dress the other day!).

We saw the Princess Parade and I felt like I was 5 years old, watching my favourite Disney films on tape and rewinding it to start it all over again, except none of their shops had a single Pocahontas item- she’s my all-time favourite Disney girl! Stay tuned for my very last post from Paris, and it’s a soppy one ; ) x

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