Daisies In Winter

So, wearing a super Springtime blouse on a blustery Brighton seafront does seem a bit unusual, but I couldn’t change my mind once I’d decided to snap photos here! Wind aside, the blouse really does make me feel like spring is coming, especially considering the warmer weather some parts of us have experienced over the weekend; I wore my leather jacket on Saturday, no need for a fur coat at last! But knowing our weather, it’s likely not to last too long, so embracing tights like this dotted pair are as sheer as I’m prepared to go for now! I’m also wearing a beautiful bracelet from Feather & Stone. It’s stretchy so there’s no hassle in putting on or taking off, and with a multitude of different coloured stones you can choose from, it makes for a lovely gift for someone, especially if you know their favourite colour! Now, I’m going to go and will Spring to come a little earlier this year. You never know, if we all try, maybe it will happen.. x

Coat – Zara (old), Blouse – Dahlia, Skirt – American Apparel, Tights – ASOS, Bag – eBay, Boots – Topshop, Bracelet – Feather & Stone (via Question Air), Lipstick – MAC ‘So Chaud’ 

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