Dahlias Are The Sweetest

This week I attended my first ever bloggers event and it was none other than Dahlia! Ever since I fell in love with them three years ago, having bought my leavers’ ball dress from there, regularly taking a peek at what’s new in Dahlia has been part of my routine. The lovely ladies of Dahlia weren’t to know of course, how stoked I was about finally attending a brand’s event that I had loved for years, and I was a bit too dumbfounded to say anything coherent to the wonderful Tracey, but maybe next time..!

The Christmas collection can only be described as ‘swoon after swoon’; at every rail I thought ‘I’ve seen my favourite item’ and by the end I felt quite deceitful to all the rails having promised number one to all… I guess I just couldn’t bring myself to decide! You’ll see snippets of sparkle, embellishment, and sweetness at every corner in this collection, and what I like the most about Dahlia is that they even have the smallest detail covered – the bows on their pinafore dress for example – making you feel like a princess in anything they design.

I caught up with some lovely ladies, Olivia and Lucy (I’m featured in Lucy’s latest post about Brighton!) and met new bloggers Jordan and Joseph – who snapped me for his street style you might see on his blog soon! Bespoke collar clips were also being designed, adding that unique ‘princess’ touch to every bloggers’ experience there. A very classy touch to a very classy afternoon, I couldn’t stop seeing smiles all round!

Thank you to the lovely ladies at Dahlia for inviting me and supplying plentiful champagne and biscuits to keep the happiness coming. I had a very memorable afternoon and am so glad that my first ever blog-related event was at a brand I’ve coveted for so long! xx

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