When you think of Brighton, you’d be forgiven if the image of a cosy Parisian style cafe serving delicious macarons wasn’t immediately conjured up in your mind! Cocoa is my favourite place, if I ever have a solo minute (and a few spare pennies!) to sit and enjoy a coffee and a macaron. It’s just a short and straight walk down from Brighton station, and while it isn’t situated in the most “vibrant” part, it more than makes up for it in its’ decor inside. It never fails to cheer me up, and when I popped in on Friday the kind gentleman told me they’ve opened a new place in the more popular lanes, with a much bigger selection of macarons too! The new place, Boutique Salon du Thé looks like a more chic version of Cocoa, and I can’t wait to visit in the coming weeks! If you’re ever in Brighton and you find your sweet tooth wandering, I hope you remember Cocoa! If only I had the time (and money, mainly) to visit Cocoa every day for an hour’s worth of a Parisian escape! x

As I wanted to mainly tell you about Cocoa, you can have a peek below at what (I promise) I wore on Friday for my coffee and macaron me-date!

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