Co-ord & A Colour Pop

Ever since I bought my first burgundy co-ord earlier this year, I’ve been a little (read: very) obsessed with growing my collection. Especially because I’m not one for wearing pencil skirts usually; they aren’t very flattering on me (not so Kim K) but when it comes to co-ords, the matchy-matchy side of me really comes out. This off-shoulder set from Desire had me swooning immediately, just look at the frill on that! I’ve just had yet another peek at their co-ord collection, and I’m almost certain I’ve fallen head over heels for at least two other sets…

Back to this Bardot-inspired number! Because keeping it simple (or simply forgetting to wear jewellery) is what I’m prone to do, a little pop of colour in the shape of a blue Michael Kors clutch was all the accessory I needed! Although, writing this post has me thinking I subconsciously wanted to channel Kim Kardashian a lot more than I realised, and I’m not sure how I feel about that…! x

Co-ord – c/o Desire, Clutch – c/o Michael Kors, Shoes – ASOS

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