Judging by my awkward standing in some of these photos, it doesn’t look like I’m having the best of times, which couldn’t be further from the truth! When Missguided kindly got in touch asking me to style up an outfit based on my favourite Spring/Summer ’14 look, I didn’t think I’d be going for grunge, especially not with pastel being one of the other trends! But, something about this slip dress, the faux leather panel on the top underneath, and the accessories had me picturing a cuter-than-grunge outfit that I could make my own. A friend even remarked that my outfit looked very ‘Clueless’ and I take that as a big compliment!

Helping me finish off the Clueless-inspired outfit is my new Anna Lou of London personalised necklace. Ever since I could remember I’ve been correcting people who misheard my name, so when Anna Lou got in touch asking me to be one of their ambassadors, I was not only extremely grateful and excited, but finally felt like I had something to hand the next time I met someone who mistook me for a ‘Julia’ (which will be very soon, no doubt!). You’ll be seeing plenty of this little necklace; it hasn’t left my neck since I got it last week! x

Necklace – c/o Anna Lou of London, Outfit – c/o Missguided

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