Christmas Comforts

Boden cushion

ASOS eyemask and This Works pillow spray

Toni & Guy Matthew Williamson wash bag & products

I know the word Christmas has some pretty obvious connotations (over-eating, flavoured hot chocolate and cosy socks I’m lookin’ at you!) but I’ve also been getting busy with my own set of Christmassy things. For one, I’ve been letting myself sleep in just a little bit more, as I get up at 6am every weekday for work. That means a sleep-inducing combo of an eye mask (which is also super cute) and pillow spray whilst wearing a robin on my jumper (see below)- oh Christmas!

And because I’m the kind of girl that tends to forget to do the whole self-pampering thing (e.g. paint my nails properly so they don’t smudge) my hair gets forgotten, aside from the obvious fact that I know it’s on my head. The wonderful people over at TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe sent me a special bumper pack of goodies a while ago that I’ve been using, all wrapped up in their Matthew Williamson wash bag (potential last minute Christmas present?). I’ve also been getting in to the Christmas spirit with my ever so subtle Christmas jumper while wrapping presents in paper you might have spotted on my Instagram wrapping paper– the perfect unique gift!

And finishing on a sentimental note… My family is quite scattered around the world, so the best thing about being home properly over Christmas (with zero plans, hooray!) means getting in touch with my aunt in Italy, my uncle in Sweden, my other aunt in Canada (I won’t go on…) which always makes my mum so happy. Above every material thing over Christmas, the best part is hearing from family overseas that we can’t be with, and I guess that’s the most special part of Christmas- that and all of the food, obviously! ; ) x

Next Nude messenger bag & New Look Christmas jumper

Rifle Paper Co. notepad & wrapping paper

Next Robin Jumper

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