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“Are you a cat or a dog person?” is an important question. It seems that these days there are “Cat Camps” and “Dog Camps”, with heated discussions and lengthy explanations for why cats are so much better than dogs (“they’re so independent!”) or why dogs are definitely the winner (“you can’t buy the sort of loyalty you get from a dog!”). Well, to be completely honest with you, I’m neither a cat nor a dog person. I’m a “cute” person. As in, if I think an animal is cute -and cute is completely subjective- then I’m in love. And I’d like to promote a healthier “cats AND dogs” atmosphere than the usual “cats versus dogs”, because, well, they all deserve to be loved!

Aside from the wonderful friendship my beautiful new phone case from Iconemesis struck up with my equally cute dog clutch from Pepa Loves, this outfit also features a pair of shoes from Golden Ponies. Could I fit any more animal-related things in one outfit?! Hmm, I’ll take that as a challenge… I’m also wearing a beautiful bespoke-made necklace from Shop Lune, and can’t help feeling that it gives this possibly super-sickly-girly outfit a little bit of sass.

P.S. If you’re a Facebook user, I’ve got a new page for Dearest Deer, and if you “like” you can click on through here!

Leather Jacket – Nasty Gal (last summer), Bow Dress – Pepa Loves, Dog Clutch – Pepa Loves, Necklace – Shop Lune (mine was tweaked a little especially for me, but there’s similar here), Shoes – Goldenponies, Sunglasses – Romwe (last summer), iPhone case – By Leah Goren via Iconemesis

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