Five Year Fashion Flashback!

Sharing photos of myself from five years ago may come a little surprising to you, but after the lovely Fleur of got in touch asking me to celebrate their fifth birthday with a flashback to what I wore five years ago, I couldn’t resist! All of the photos above are from when I […]

Pinky Promise

I really like being a girl. Like, really. It’s when I decide to throw on something I probably would have cringed at 12 or even 6 months ago that I realise how much fun you can have with clothes. These pink shoes are a classic example, because now I think they add […]

Toughen Up

Peeking over the last few posts of mine, I surprised myself by how feminine and delicate my outfit choices were becoming and decided it was time to ‘toughen up’. Well, not really. I can still wear this leather trousers, tough boots & rucksack combo knowing full well that I’m a girl that cries-and […]