Blue Is The Warmest Colour

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would be the right time to showcase an alternative romantically-inspired outfit, thanks to all the blue items currently in my wardrobe! It might not be the classic colour associated with love, but (borrowing from the film titled Blue Is The Warmest Colour) [...]

Double Denim

Earlier this week I took a trip to London with my mother and sister, starting from Covent Garden and working our way to Trafalgar Square and through to Buckingham Palace. There was no itinerary for the day, but wandering around on a beautiful day in London can’t really [...]

The Blues

Dealing with the super-hot weather doesn’t come easy with a mane of hair as thick as mine, there’s just so much hair! So I decided to take a leaf out of The Cherry Blossom Girl‘s book, and don a high side-ponytail and sweep my fringe across. Even though it definitely made me [...]